Buying a House in Regina

Buying a house can be one of the largest life decisions you make and it can seem like an overwhelming experience. That’s where we come in, the most trusted Regina Realtors. The Home Expert Team streamlines this process for you so you can save time, money and stress when purchasing a home. We deliver results that matter.

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Search for your ideal home by viewing The Home Expert Team’s featured listings in Regina as well as thousands of homes for sale listed on the MLS® through our MLS search link. Contact us to find out more about properties for sale in the Regina market, the latest real estate news and get top real estate advice. The Realtors in Regina you can trust!

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Home Buying Process


Before you start shopping for your home, why not give some thought to your lifestyle, the features you need and want, affordability, and the neighbourhoods you prefer. With this information you will come closer to finding your perfect home – sooner!


Buying a home in Regina-Regina Realtors

Arranging a Mortgage

Most people require a mortgage to purchase a home. We help explain the elements of a mortgage including type, terms, and how to qualify for one. In addition, choosing the right mortgage for your needs can help you retire this financial obligation sooner.


Viewing Homes

We give you the best advice on making the most of your viewing experience. When you separate emotion from facts, and the condition of the house, you will be in a better position to purchase a home that meets both your needs and your budget. You can also avoid any costly errors that could lead to future problems.


Buying a home in Regina-Regina Realtors

The Offer

We go through the offer with you line by line to ensure every part of the purchase process is understood.


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Buying a home is a complicated process involving a buyer and seller, and lawyers for each of these parties. We will explain the importance of a home inspection, title transfer, appraisal, and surveyor to ensure you are legally protected.


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The Move

While moving is inconvenient and disrupting there are some ways to make the move more manageable. You might even save some money in the process.